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Crone Cooking

Inspired by this list of 30 things to cook before you turn 30, I am compiling a list of 52 things to cook before you turn 52. It’s a work in progress.

  1. Pancakes
    ”I have always made terrible pancakes and have never really persisted with trying to refine a recipe, so this was an excellent excuse to start.”
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  2. Lasagna

    “Here’s my standard, everyone-demands-it-for-birthdays lasagna.”
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  3. Bagels part 1 & 2

    Part one: A trip to Montreal and a little taste test of two of the most famous bagels.

    Part two: I bake the St Viateur bagel recipe

  4. Souffle

    “My keyboard is now covered in smears of chocolate and egg white, but I MADE SOUFFLÉS!”
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  5. Hummus

    Trying to create the perfect hummus
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  6. Guacamole

    A homemade essential

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  7. Roast Chicken

    “This, along with a good old pavlova, is part of my standard “If I have to cook something, this will be it” repertoire. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no point making a roast chicken if there aren’t roast potatoes to accompany it, so this is an all-in-one. “
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  8. Poached eggs

    “I may have made only one… and while it looked disgusting in the pan… it was perfect on the plate. Over the weekend, I will attempt to make more than one.”
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  9. Ice-cream

    “The smell of real vanilla that filled the house while I made the custard base for the ice cream was incredible. Making ice cream was a little fussy, but worth it.”
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  10. Cinnamon rolls

    “If cooking with yeast scares you, this is a good place to start.” Read more…

  11. Birthday cake

    “I made a birthday cake trial run for some unknown birthday in the future.” Read more…

  12. Pavlova

    “If you want to try something special that’s actually not too hard, this is the way to go.
    Pt.1 and Pt.2

  13. Pizza

  14. Apple pie

  15. Brownies

  16. Chicken pot pie

  17. Carbonara

  18. Coq au vin

  19. Salad Dressing

  20. Chocolate Chip Cookies

  21. Roux

  22. Challah

  23. Beef Bourguignon

  24. Birthday cake

  25. Tortillas

  26. Wings

  27. Bolognese

  28. Quiche

  29. Pho

  30. Thanksgiving dinner

  31. Risotto

  32. Marshmallows

  33. Garden Salad

  34. Stock

  35. Lemon curd

  36. Banana Bread

  37. Chicken parm

  38. French toast

  39. Meatballs

  40. Tacos

  41. Really good tofu

  42. Chilli

  43. Pad thai

  44. A loaf of bread

  45. General Tso’s Chicken 

  46. Gado Gado

  47. Chicken curry

  48. Wanton soup

  49. Ribs

  50. Tea cake

  51. Cheese cake

  52. Chicken Yakitori

back-up plan:

  1. Marmalade

  2. Christmas plum pudding

  3. Lemon curd

  4. Mayonnaise

  5. Choux pastry

  6. Homemade pasta

  7. Roast beef and Yorkshire puddings

Inspired by:
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